The Art of Gabriele Bungardt
Gabriele Bungardt has created an extraordinary array of heartwarming images of our canine and feline companions. She is best known for her larger than life close-ups which focus on the animals eyes — whether they are wide and alert, or heavy-lidded, in the throes of slumber — we can see the souls of our best friends staring back at us.
You will find more information about her Pet Portraits on the about the artist and faq pages.
Below are some examples of portrait paintings and the photographs that inspired them. You can also visit Gabriele's portfolio to see more of her work. For a timeless portrait painting of your four legged family member contact Gabriele at:

Portrait paintings Examples (click to enlarge)
original photo portrait painting

"Red-eye" and similar photo problems can be removed in the final portrait. The eyes can also be redirected if desired.
sophie photo sophie painting

Damaged areas and other flaws in the original photograph can be removed to enhance the composition.
mollie photo mollie painting

Items in the photo can be removed and the background changed to create a more pleasing composition.
jiggs photo jiggs painting

Gabriele paints portraits of cats too!
marty photo marty painting
Best Friends

Group portraits are one of Gabriele's specialties. She can even combine subjects from different images to create the desired composition.
best friends photo best friends painting
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All images Copyright © 2011 Gabriele Bungardt